Giving Back Giving Back


At SugarBaby we are always on the lookout for environmentally responsible options because we cherish the gift of nature, especially when it comes to our oceans, beaches, bays, and coastlines.

We want to support nature, just as nature supports us, by collaborating with like-minded organisations, brands, and business partners.

Close to our hearts is the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, the only charity dedicated to finding real solutions to the threats facing Australia’s great natural wonder.

Every year, 1% of sales from every SugarBaby product sold are donated for the ongoing care, protection and management of this World Heritage Listed site.

Deeds are always stronger than words.

SugarBaby supports the Great Barrier Reef Foundation
SugarBaby supports the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Sales from SugarBaby go toward protecting our coral reefs